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More 2006 Photos

Princess Diana Clinic-094.jpg

Princess Diana Clinic

New baby-096.jpg

New Baby

Our roadside vendor-099.jpg

Our Roadside Vendor

Rural church-101.jpg

Rural Church

Road to faith's-128.jpg

Road To Faith's

Walking to Faith's-105.jpg

Walking To Faith's

Arriving at Faith's-107.jpg

Arriving At Faith's

Giving the goat-109.jpg

Giving The Goat

Meeting Faith's Children2.jpg

Meeting Faith's Children

Sitting and talking-117.jpg

Sitting And Talking

Faith's Storage Building-120.jpg

Faith's Storage Building

Group Photo-122.jpg

Group Photo

Faith and me and the goat-125.jpg

Faith, Me And The Goat

Lawrence David and moms-130.jpg

Lawrence, David And Their Moms

David's Family-131.jpg

David's Family


My Bed

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PROVERBS 27:27 "There will be enough goats' milk for your food…and for the food of your household."